Is your wine…
natural, traditional, sustainable, biodynamic, clean, or conventional?

Diana footstomping pinot noir in a green fermenter


There are a *lot* of different terms used to describe wine these days, which can make things really confusing 😵‍💫.
So instead of using jargon to describe our wines, we’ve put together this list.


We’re all about good beasties aka wild or indigenous yeast that live on grapes, which means we:

  • Ferment with good beasties
  • Use organic, sustainably farmed grapes
  • Don’t use a lot of sulfur dioxide (because good beasties no likey)
  • Don’t make >14% ABV wines (because good beasties no likey)
  • Don’t let good beasties get upstaged by bad beasties (because good beasties deserve better)


we have a massive amount of respect for good beasties and the hard, tasty work they do, So we’re absolutely 100% *not* about:

  • Putting stuff like mega purple, gum, flavorings, and liquid oak extract in our wines
  • Fining with animal products (fun fact: mixing up isinglass and egg whites are two of Diana’s least favorite things)
  • Using DMDC aka Velcorin to kill bad beasties
  • Using reverse osmosis (that sh*t’s alchemy)