It’s day 100 of lockdown in Auckland and Frank and I have been going more than a little stir crazy @_@. So, I’m stoked to tell you I’m going down to visit the Bridge Pa Triangle in Hawke’s Bay next Wednesday to check on our vines and growers!!!

I’ve also been working on some additional features and benefits for Patrons as we head into the growing season and start making wine, including more videos and going live.  So you may notice a few changes the next time you log in.

Thanks again for all your support – we wouldn’t be where we are without all of you!

Love, Diana and Frank

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Hey, it’s Diana. As you may have heard, I had a planned fibroid removal surgery a couple weeks ago. I’ve been recovering nicely and feel lighter both physically and mentally. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to finally have those things out of me!!

I haven’t been able to go out and about or get back down to the vineyard yet because of it and have instead been “resting” at home…but I’m awful at “resting”. So, instead I’ve been thinking non-stop about how to make the business run more effortlessly and how to make things easier for our Patrons. 

Naturally, that led me to completely re-thinking and re-tooling our website.  

In addition to it looking a bit slicker, it’s now fully integrated with Patreon. So, theoretically, you can log into Patreon directly on our website and access locked posts and other content without needing to visit Patreon dot com. 

The link is to a draft of the new website. If it works and you’re all cool with it, my thought was for all future Patron only posts to live here.

The motivation for this is twofold: 

1. The website has a lot more functionality than, and this means I could post more fun stuff and do live streams more easily. 

2. The website is also easier to use, which means I can post more often and would give me more time to hunt for grapes and make wine come vintage.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the new site?